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Pawswap Services Ltd. is seeking a part time freelance writer for Oh My Dog, by PawSwap


What is PawSwap…

PawSwap helps dog owners connect with others in their building, neighbourhood, and community to watch their dogs while they work, or are on vacation in a safe, convenient, and completely free way. With a pay it forward model utilizing Points, PawSwap can be completely free, making it easier to own and care for a dog. 

We’re a small company with big goals. We have a talented group of people, and while we are looking to grow fast, we place a high priority in finding the right candidates that fit the cultural integrity of the company.

What is Oh My Dog...

Oh My Dog, by PawSwap is a hyper-local focused publication that provides dog owners with relevant, current, and useful news style articles, aligning with our mission to help them be the best dog owner they can be. Looking for a writer/editor to write articles that provides dog owners with relevant, current, and useful news style articles, aligning with this mission.

We feature Canadian companies twice a month by sharing a story that helps them stand out without making the article feel like a blog post or promotional piece. Something that provides value to our readers, and the companies we are featuring.

We also interview local dog owners twice a month, and take the content to come up with creative articles that compel our readers.

Job description:


  • a total of 5 articles per month, written two weeks in advance

  • general topic will be provided by the marketing team along with photos and recommended structure

  • write features, stories and columns using our interviews with local dog owners, turning them into compelling stories for our readers

  • investigate and source supporting arguments to the interviews provided by the company

  • must have strong editing and proofreading skills

Please send all resumes and proposals to






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