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Are you a proud dog-friendly business? Instantly stand out amongst competitors by becoming a Triple Points Business, offering dog owners triple the points for visiting your business. 


Become a Triple Points Business and we’ll add a highlight to your business on the map, encouraging app members to take a trip to your dog-friendly location as they’ll reap three times the rewards. As more Points means Bigger Rewards, the choice is easy.

Want to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Triple Points Business? Find out how here.  

Expand your customer base

to the dog community.

Use the PawSwap App to advertise your business.

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17k+ App Downloads

Since launching our new and improved app, downloads are rapidly increasing.  Made for a niche market that we truly understand, we’ve created a loyal community by giving dog owners the app they’ve been waiting for, with instant access to the information they need, conveniently in one place.

4+ Minutes Per User

PawSwappers appreciate an app created specifically for what matters to them, and makes life as a dog owner easier. They spend time browsing dog-friendly locations and their policies, as well as in-app Rewards, as the information they care about is finally in one, easy-to-use app.


68% Active User Rate

We keep our engagement rate consistently high by adding features, updates and benefits that are of real value to dog owners. The seamless user experience and sense of community we've built keeps our PawSwap members engaging with our brand and coming back for more. 


2k+ Dog-friendly Places

We love to give our users lots of dog-friendly options near them, with over 1000 locations in B.C. added to our map. Due to popular demand, we have already begun expanding across numerous major cities in Canada.

Wherever you’re located, let us help you stand out from competitors with a Triple Points Business Package that works for you.

More members on PawSwap =

More potential customers for you

We are growing rapidly, and the more members that join our app, the more eyes will be on your business. The dog community has been searching for ways to eliminate the guilty feeling associated with leaving their pup at home, and with PawSwap, we’ve made it easy.  


Become a Triple Points Business today and stand out to our unique targeted audience of dog owners whose pups are like children to them, and are a top priority in their life.

By working with PawSwap, we will help drive traffic to your dog-friendly business by showing the dog community that you value them, and their furry best friends.


Our members are primarily females ranging from 25 - 35 years of age. 43% of our members live in Downtown Vancouver, with the majority earning an average household income of between $46,000 - $55,000.


A breakdown of our community shows that the largest majority are single females, followed by young couples who have not yet had children with an average of one dog per household. The main reason stated by users for joining PawSwap is to avoid leaving their dog home alone while out and about.

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Go beyond the

PawSwap App

Becoming a Triple Points Business doesn’t stop with promotions within the PawSwap app. PawSwap has created a community of over 15,000 members across a number of platforms dedicated to creating a space where dog owners feel understood and valued. 


Our members love what we do and are constantly engaging with our various platforms.  Whether it’s dog friendly events, fun email campaigns or delivering news that matters to them through our online publication OhMyDog!, we keep things interesting so there’s always new things to explore. 


To request more detailed information, learn about our users or talk to a member of our team, reach out today.

Interested in getting your business on the map?

Don't see your business on the PawSwap map? Let our team know and fill out your dog-friendly details.

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