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  • Ross Macnab

12 Adorable Pictures of Vancouver Dogs Enjoying The Cherry Blossoms

Missing the cherry blossoms this year? Here are 12 Vancouver dogs making the most of the much-loved cherry blossom season so you can enjoy it virtually!

We may not be able to frolic in the beautiful spring season as freely, as usual, this year, but our dogs must be walked!

What was often considered a daily chore is now one of our best excuses to go outside and enjoy the sweet spring air and the stunning cherry blossoms that our city is famous for.

We look forward it to all year, and as all Vancouverites know, the cherry blossom season comes and goes within weeks.

And with our current quarantine situation, many of us have missed the blooms completely this year - but not to worry!

It might not be the same as experiencing it yourself, but who doesn't love seeing cute dogs enjoying themselves during one of the prettiest times of the year?

We’ve put together some of our favourite photos of Vancouver dogs enjoying the cherry blossoms so far this season so you can enjoy the blooms from the comfort, and safety, of your own home.













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