About Points For Pups

​PawSwap is committed to making the world a better place for dogs. 

In fact, our entire company is built around giving dog owners the opportunity to experience life with their dog by their side, by providing them with free, on-demand listings of local dog-friendly locations in their city. 

We wanted to take it further.  As a team of avid dog-lovers, we wanted to give back to dogs in our community in a way that would improve the lives of dogs in need.  And so our team came up with Points For Pups!

Each month, the PawSwap team chooses an organization to donate meals for pups in need. The only criteria is that the organization is  working to improve the lives of dogs.


For every 20 Points our members donate, a dog in need won't go hungry.

For each donation of 20 points, PawSwap will donate one meal to that month's chosen organization, and another meal to the Animal Food Bank.

Feeding Stray Dogs

How It Works
It's Easy.  And it's FREE!

  • Download the PawSwap app.

  • Register and get 25 welcome points

  • Redeem your points for our "Feed A Dog In Need" Reward

  • Visit other dog friendly locations on our app to collect more points. Keep redeeming to donate more meals to dogs in need.

  • Visit highlighted businesses and collect double the points!  


Coming Soon

Use your PawSwap Points (8).png
Use your PawSwap Points
Redeem the Points for Pups Reward to donate a meal to a dog in need!
Save up your Points and keep redeeming the reward to donate more meals!

This Month's Points For Pups Partner

Auntie M's Canine Rehabilitation Centre, keeping dogs at home where they belong. Auntie M's is solely volunteer based and runs by donation. They raise money to provide financial support to families, so they can have access to board and trains/one on one training or any other resource required to rehabilitate their animal and help rehome if necessary.

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For every in-app redemption, PawSwap will donate:

  • One meal to Auntie M's Canine Rehabilitation Centre

  • One meal to the Animal Food Bank

In collaboration with


Want to nominate your favourite organization? Send us a message here