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PawSwap Photoshoot

Thanks for your interest in applying for a PawSwap Photoshoot in collaboration with Vancouver Pet Photography.

Please note, you must have the PawSwap App downloaded in order to apply for a photoshoot. Download the App here.

How It Works:


There are two ways to participate in the photoshoot!


Option 1: Be featured on PawSwap and have your photo taken with you and your pup!

Option 2: Be featured in a #WoofCrushWednesday article! These articles are reserved for sharing stories from dedicated dog moms and dads to our readers. Their main purpose is to inspire, teach, connect or spread the word on useful and specific tips and tricks, with no strings or gimmicks attached, from one trustworthy dog owner to another. 

Here's how to enter:

Step 1: Fill out the basic info below.

Step 2: If approved, you will be contacted by our Photoshoot Coordinator to discuss your time slot and date.

Step 3: If you chose option 2, you'll be sent a customized interview-style survey via email or text. This will help our writer share your unique story to dog owners just like you.

Step 4: Attend scheduled photoshoot!


What are these photos used for?

Photos from PawSwap photoshoots are used in feature articles, social media, marketing campaigns, on the website, and also on the PawSwap App.


Are the photoshoots free?

Yes! PawSwap is all about connecting the dog community, so we want real and genuine photos and stories, which is why we ask owners of Vancouver to be in our photos. This provides great photos for us, and an opportunity to get professional photos of you and your pup for free!

When will I receive my photos?

Once you see your photo posted on any of our platforms you can then email our Photoshoot Coordinator for the high-res copy of the photo. For those being a part of articles, all your photos will be released in the article. We can give you an approximate date to when the article will be published if requested. 

Do I need to be in the photos?

Yes please! We know the pups are the true stars, but we love capturing the relationship between pups and dog owners on camera. 

Can I have my photos printed or repost them on my social media?

If you would like any printed copies of your photos please contact hello@vancouverpetphotography.com. The quality of the photos we receive is for web use only.


The photos cannot be reposted or shared for commercial use, but they can  be used for your personal social media while tagging @VancouverPetPhotography and @PawSwapApp!

Can I choose the photos I like?

Our team chooses photos based on how many we will need for the article and where they will fit within our online campaigns. This means you will receive anywhere from 1-5 photos. If you would like additional photos, please contact hello@vancouverpetphotography.com

Pick a Date:

Please note that times listed below are for the whole photoshoot, you will be scheduled a 10 -15 minute time slot:


Basic Info 

The PawSwap team and Photographer need the following information so we can safely schedule dogs according to their size and temperament.



Model Release Form

Please carefully read the model release form. You will be asked to sign this form at the photoshoot.


We will contact you shortly with available time slots.​ Please note not all applications will be accepted.