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About OMD! I Didn't Know That

At PawSwap, we care about helping people become the best dog owners they can be, which is why we are calling on the help of the local dog community to share their own experiences.

Let’s face it,  finding unbiased advice from real people with real experience of what it entails to be a dog owner in Vancouver is not as easy as it should be. That’s why we’re asking Vancouver dog owners like you to share their advice and experience to help us compile the best guide to owning a dog in the city.

The advice we are gathering will be 100% authentic and provided from local dog owners who have nothing to gain other than to help fellow owners raise a healthy and happy dog.

Whether you’ve recently welcomed a new dog to your family or have owned dogs all of your life, your experiences are invaluable to fellow dog owners who want to be the best they can be.

So, if you’re ready to share your experience, get started with our surveys now.