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Our Story

Our story began with our co-founder, Aliya, and her dog Russell. If you're anything like her, then you understand the torturous daily routine of saying goodbye to your dog before leaving for your 8 to 10 hour work day. Closing the door behind your best friend, and seeing those puppy dog eyes is not only painfully hard, but it can lead to dogs developing anxiety, depression. and/or destructive behaviour. She knew there had to be a solution, and PawSwap was born.


When you join the PawSwap community you'll learn about exclusive PawSwap events, and other events and activities in your area, so you can meet your neighbours and find new friends that can lend a hand when you're in a bind. Reward whoever helps with Points, which you earn by helping other Neighbour's out.


It's Pay-it-forward at its finest!

The Basics

1. Attend dog-friendly events.

Attend exclusive PawSwap events and community events in your city and get rewarded for attending them with your pup! All you have to do is Check In to earn Points.


Pst: Check In to four events, and your fifth one is on us!

2. Grow Your Pack.

It takes an army to raise a…. dog! Meet someone at an event? Add them as a Friend on PawSwap.  Now all of your dog-loving and owning friends are in one place. Have a question you need an answer to? Send a message to your entire Pack and get an answer from the people you trust the most.

3. Start Sending Points.

Remember that time your friend helped you out with a dog walk, and you didn't have time to grab a bottle of wine, so you promised yourself you would the following week, but then you forgot. Yah, you know who you are. Well, now you don't even have to worry about it. Transferring Points to friends that help you out is easy!

4. Reward yourself, you deserve it!

Don't need pet sitting? Rack up enough Points and redeem them on pawsome rewards, like free tickets to events and activities, gift cards, or products with our partners shipped right to your door. 


Points Low-Down

This is the community that makes owning and caring for a dog easier and more affordable, and Points make it all possible. 


Whether you're a dog mom or dad, or a dog lover that just wants to hang out with more pups, giving dogs the life that they deserve is our mission, and you're helping us achieve this just by being a PawSwap member.


As a thank you, we want to reward you by giving you free swag, tickets, products, and services from our favourite brands. You earn Points by attending events and activities, watching your friends dogs, or purchasing more through us.

All you have to do is keep being a part of our community.


PawSwap With Peace Of Mind


Grow your Pack by adding people you've met at PawSwap events. Get to know them by attending more events together and start to organically build a new friendship. Because whom better to trust with your pup than a real friend!


We believe that with any pet care services, whether it be a daycare or PawSwap, doing your own due diligence is important when adding new members to your Pack.