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Our Story

Our story began with our co-founder, Aliya, and her dog Russell. If you're anything like her, then you understand the torturous daily routine of saying goodbye to your dog before leaving for your 8 to 10 hour work day. Closing the door behind your best friend, and seeing those puppy dog eyes is not only painfully hard, but it can lead to dogs developing anxiety, depression. and/or destructive behaviour. She knew there had to be a solution, and PawSwap was born.


When you join the PawSwap community you'll meet your neighbours and find new friends that can lend a hand when you're in a bind! Reward whoever helps with Points, which you earn from helping other Neighbour's out.


It's Pay-it-forward at its finest!

The Basics

1. Create Your Profile.

Work from home and want a pal for your pup? Or, need someone to watch your dog while you’re on vacay? Tell others what you’re looking for and what you can offer via your profile!

2. Grow Your Pack.

Find your friends, find your neighbours, or even find that person you met at the dog park last weekend! As long as you trust them, you like them, and your dog likes them, add them to your Pack! In this case, the more, really is, the merrier!

3. Start Sending Points.

Points are what makes PawSwap free! Respond to requests that come in and send out requests whenever you need a hand. Use Points to keep track - no need to worry about varying schedules or who owes who! Can’t return the favour? Just top up your account for $1 an hour!


Points Low-Down

We know the cost of pet sitting can add up quickly! Which is why we’ve introduced PawSwap Points.


Points are what makes PawSwap FREE! If you watch a Friend or Neighbours pup while they’re at work, they send you Points (1 Point for every hour). You accumulate those Points, and can spend them on pet sitting with anyone in your Pack. It’s pay-it-forward at it’s finest! 


Don’t have time to watch a pup and earn points? No problem! Top up your account by purchasing Points for only $1/hour.


PawSwap With Peace Of Mind

Like many apps you know and love such as AirBnb and Uber, that safely connect strangers, we understand that apps for pet sitting aren't exactly the same. Dogs are your children. Children that can't talk and protect themselves. 


That's why we aren't trying to be like these apps. With PawSwap, you create your Pack of dog owners. People that you know. People that you trust.


Grow your Pack by adding Friends, Neighbours, and people you've met at PawSwap planned or your own Meet-Ups.


We believe that with any pet care services, whether it be a daycare or PawSwap, doing your own due diligence is important when adding new members to your Pack. If adding someone to your Pack for the first time, ask for references, check reviews, and ask the questions on our handy cheat sheet.

Have a couple more questions? No problem! Check out our FAQ or contact us here.