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You shouldn't have to leave your pup behind - and now with PawSwap, you won't have to.


Find a dog-friendly business.

Check out all the dog-friendly businesses nearby, like restaurants and coffee shops, by locating the orange beacons on the map.


See the doggy-friendly details.

Tap on the business to check out whether your dog can go inside, hang out on the patio, if they can be off-leash, or even if the business offers a special treat for your dog.


Look out for Events and Activities.

See a green beacon? Those are special events and activities by PawSwap like Doggy Bootcamp, Sunday Strolls or Barks and Brews. Tap to learn more or buy tickets.

Learn more about Events and Activities here.


Earn Points by bringing your pup.

Collect Points at each dog-friendly business you visit, save them up and swap them for rewards for you and your furry best friend. The more points you collect, the bigger the rewards.


Points Low-Down

Earn Points by visiting dog-friendly businesses and swap them out for rewards that both you and your pup will love. 1 visit to a dog-friendly business earns 3 Point. See a starred business?

1 visit there earns 9 Points. The more points you save up, the bigger the rewards!

Don’t forget to Redeem your points before leaving the location. You can also earn more points by purchasing tickets to PawSwap events inside the app.

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Join PawSwap Premium

Upgrade to PawSwap Premium and unlock the following features. 

Search Bar: Search by business name or street to instantly find out if your favourite places are dog-friendly.

Filters and Categories: Customize your map with categories and dog-friendly filters to display only what you're looking for.

Hikes and Trails: Unlock access to hikes and trails that boast dog-friendly details such as off-leash areas, swimming spots, and more!

Exclusive Rewards: Unlock exclusive Premium Members Only Rewards that both you and your pup will love.

Challenges:  Participate in limited-time challenges for fun ways to earn more points.