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The app every dog owner needs.


Find a dog-friendly business.

Check out all the dog-friendly locations nearby. White beacons will show you locations and their categories like restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, clothing stores, and more!

Orange beacons represent highlighted locations that currently offer Points so keep an eye for these and act fast, as they will only be available for limited time periods.


Tap on the beacons to see all of the dog-friendly details and use the search bar to find your favourite places by filtering certain categories.


See the dog-friendly details.

Tap on the business to get all the info you need before visiting with your dog. Get the address, call the business directly from the app, see reviews from other dog owners, but most importantly see what dog-friendly details this business offers...

Welcome inside: Allows well-behaved leashed dogs to come inside.

Covered/Heated/or Seasonal Patio or Tie up Area: Allowed to join you on the patio or there is a spot nearby that your dog can be tied up at.

Offers Special Treat: Offers something a little extra for your pup, like a bowl of water or a dog treat.

Water Bowl: Offers a water bowl for dogs

Can Be Off Leash: Can roam around this business off leash.

Dog Menu and Dog Items for Sale: Offers a special dog menu, or dog items to purchase.



Earn Points by bringing your pup.

When you are visiting a participating dog-friendly business, open up PawSwap and collect your Points at that location. Every visit to a dog-friendly business earns you 25 Points and 50 points at highlighted orange beacon locations on the map. The more Points you save, the more Rewards you can redeem! 

Earn even more Points by leaving a review within 24 hours of visiting one of our participating Points businesses or by being the first to review new locations!

Search Bar

Filters & Categories

Search by business name or street to instantly

find out if your favourite places are dog-friendly.

Search Bar Jan 2022.png

Customize your map with categories and

dog-friendly filters to display only what you're

looking for.

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Points and Rewards
PawSwap Premium
Join PawSwap Premium (2).png

Get the most out of PawSwap with PawSwap Premium 

Upgrade to PawSwap Premium and unlock the following features. 

Exclusive Rewards: Unlock exclusive Premium Members Rewards packages that both you and your pup will love.


We love to host and help plan events, activities, and challenges that you and your dog will love. Check out the activities tab to keep up with the latest. Stay tuned for more Doggy Bootcamps, Sunday Strolls, Hoppy Hounds, or Hikes & Trails.

Look out for Events and Activities.

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