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We’re excited to have you and your pup participate in this COVID-friendly activity to help safely support local dog-friendly breweries in your neighbourhood.

Prefer to enjoy your beer at home right now? This activity can be done in the comfort of your home with your dog by your side, just order takeaway and be sure to scan the QR code when you arrive to pick up your order


How to take part:

1. Download the PawSwap app to find the local breweries participating in this activity, or look out for a QR code at participating breweries. The activity begins once you complete one of the tasks below.


 *Breweries participating are listed below. Use the PawSwap App to find their doggy-friendly details or contact the brewery directly.


2. Complete more tasks below to earn even more entries for our 2 prize draws happening April 4, 2021. Visit our Prize Page for more details, including how many entries are needed to qualify for our main prize.


Important Note: Your email address will be used to track your entries. Please use the same email address throughout the activity including when making a PawSwap account.

Upgrade to PawSwap Premium ($1.99/month) for 30 additional entries.



10 Entries per Brewery | 12 Entries for PPM

Visit, or order pick up from, participating Breweries (can easily be found on the PawSwap App): Scan the QR code at each brewery and enter your info to collect entries.



5 Entries per Brewery | 8 Entries for PPM

Enjoy one of the Hoppy Hound Features at the brewery. Use the same QR code found at each brewery to find out and submit entries for the feature beer.



10 Entries (one time)

Collect PawSwap Points when you're at a brewery using the PawSwap App and submit your entries by using the Submit Entries Page. 



7 Entries | 10 Additional Entries for PPM

Follow @PawSwapApp and @KarmaCampervans on Instagram. Collect your entries by using the  Submit Entries Page.



10 Entries | 15 Additional Entries for PPM

Use #PawSwapHoppyHound on Instagram or  Submit Entries Page to show us your pup enjoying the Hoppy Hound activity. Each week two photos will be chosen and a vote will be held on the Leaderboard page. Winner receives the entries.


Frequently asked questions

How is this activity COVID friendly?

Please visit our COVID-19 Safety Plan page to learn about how to particpate in Hoppy Hound in a safe and COVID conscious way.

Do I need to visit all the breweries to participate?

No, you only need to visit one participating dog-friendly brewery during the duration of the activity to be eligible for the All Entrants Draw. However, the more participating breweries you visit, or order pick up from, the more entries you get.

Are there any rules I should know about?

During the activity, please note that:

  • Entrants must be 19 years of age or older to participate in this activity.
  • ‘Visit a Brewery’ entries can only be collected from each brewery once throughout the duration of Hoppy Hound. Multiple visits/orders will not increase your entries.
  • ‘Try a Feature Beer’ entries can only be collected for one beer per brewery visited throughout the duration of the activity. Multiple beers during your visit, or purchasing again on a different occasion, will not increase your entries.
  • Extra entries for PawSwap Premium Members will only be added for tasks completed after you upgrade, and cannot be backdated.
  • ‘Follow on Instagram’ entries will not be eligible for any participants found to be following and unfollowing the Instagram accounts listed before the prize draws.
  • Any entries claimed falsely will not be approved, and any approved entries found to be misrepresented at any time during the activity will be deducted from the overall score.
  • PawSwap reserves the right to disqualify any participants found to be in breach of the above terms.
After the activity, please note:
  • One participant cannot win both prize draws. If the winner of the Top Entrants Draw is randomly selected for the All Entrants Draw, there will be a redraw to select another winner.

What is the difference between the two draws?

All Entrants Draw

This draw is for anyone who participates in the Hoppy Hound activity. If you have visited at least 1 brewery during the duration of the activity, you will be eligible to win this draw.
The winner will receive a Voucher to use to redeem a Mixer and Merch Prize Pack from the participating breweries, a PawSwap crewneck sweater, and a treat pack for your pup. Valued at $450. Top Entrants Draw

This draw is exclusively for participants who have 65 entries or more. The winner will receive the Ultimate Glamping Package courtesy of Karma Campervans, a Mixer and Merch Prize Pack from the participating breweries, a PawSwap crewneck sweater, and a treat pack for your pup. Valued at over $1,600.

What does PPM or PawSwap Premium Member mean?

PawSwap app users can upgrade to a PawSwap Premium Membership to unlock more features within the app.

By becoming a PawSwap Premium Member during the Hoppy Hound activity, participants can earn more entries when completing each task, increasing their chances of winning one of the prize draws.

Can I still participate and support the breweries if I don't drink?

Of course! Most of the breweries participating in this activity offer non-alcoholic drinks, and food options so you can still take part, however as the Feature Beer is alcoholic, this will be the only portion that you won’t be able to earn points.

What is PawSwap?

PawSwap is a Vancouver-based pet app that displays all the dog-friendly businesses and locations in your city, alongside their full dog policies in one convenient place for dog owners.

When you click on a location on your map, our dog-friendly details icons will tell you if dogs are allowed inside, whether there’s a patio or safe outdoor space to tie up your pup, if there’s a special treat available for your dog, or if they can be off-leash.

Is there an age restriction for this activity?

Yes. All participants must be 19+ to take part.

What is Hoppy Hound?

Hoppy Hound is a COVID-conscious, dog-inclusive activity that is running throughout the month of March, with the chance to win amazing prizes.
The pandemic has impacted our local breweries in a huge way, and as St, Patrick’s Day is usually such a busy time for them, we wanted to create a fun activity that allows dog owners to support their local dog-friendly breweries in a responsible way throughout the month of March. If you are visiting breweries with your dog this month, or prefer to order for pick up, by taking part in our Hoppy Hound Activity you’ll be able to collect entries to win prizes from all participating breweries as well as our main prize courtesy of Karma Campervans - all you have to do is scan a QR code at the location! Remember to only visit breweries with your household, or core bubble as per the current provincial COVID guidelines, and adhere to the COVID safety plan put in place by the business to keep yourself, and others safe.

Do takeaway or pick-up orders count?

Yes! A ‘visit’ also includes supporting participating breweries by ordering pick up to take home, just be sure to scan the QR code before leaving to earn your entries!
Please note that delivery orders will not count as a visit, as entrants must scan the QR code at the participating brewery when picking up their order.

Are dogs allowed inside the participating breweries?

Dogs are not allowed inside premises where food is being prepared or served, as per the Food Premises Regulation of the B.C. Public Health Act. However, participating breweries all have dog-friendly options, including outside seating areas where there is space to keep your pup close to you, so you can still enjoy a beer together!

For all other questions regarding Hoppy Hound or the PawSwap App please contact us here.