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Most frequently asked questions...

Who is part of your network?

PawSwap is creating a community filled with dog owners who love their dogs just as much as you do! Looking for someone who lives close by to you? Filter your Search in the Neighbour tab found in your Network and connect with dog owners who live in your specific area.

I dont understand points, why have them?

The points are there to help you keep track of our Pay-It-Forward model. Say you just took care of a Friends dog and they rewarded you with points. A couple weeks later, you ask that same friend to dog sit, but they are not available. Because you earned points from dog sitting, you don’t have to rely on the same Friend! You can broadcast a message to your network, and use the points you earned towards the exact same service, without any financial burden.

Is this safe?

Please ensure you do your own due diligence before having someone care for your dog. Ask for references, check reviews, set a meet-and-greet, and go through our cheat sheet before having anyone watch your pup! You can also join meet-up's in your area, which you can find on the PawSwap App! This will give you and your pup a chance to go meet other owners and dogs in your neighbourhood prior to a swap.

I already use my friends and family, why do I need this?

Asking the same Friends and Family to take care of your dog can not only feel like you’re being a burden, but you're always asking the same friends and family when you need a hand. PawSwaps’ goal is to increase your network of Friends & Neighbours so you can say goodbye to the stress that comes with asking the same people (or not going on that hot date)! 

How do I message all my Friends & Neighbours at once?

How do I transfer points?

Once a Friend or Neighbour has agreed to dog sit, send them a Swap Request, found in the Messaging Field of the App. Points are then automatically transferred!

Message all of your Friends OR your Neighbours at once when you need a hand, and wait for a response! Send a Swap Request to whoever can help out. The system will automatically transfer Points once you send a Swap Request. Then, you’ll be on your way!

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