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Who is part of your network?

PawSwap is creating a community filled with dog owners and dog lovers from Vancouver and surrounding areas. Filter your search in the Neighbour tab to find friends you already know or new friends you've met at events and activities.

Is this safe?

PawSwap is not created to be used as a pet sitting resource. We want to encourage people to increase their network of dog owners and lovers by meeting new friends at dog-friendly events which can organically turn into someone who you trust to watch your dog. Because who better to trust watching your dog than a real friend! Please ensure you always do your own due diligence before having someone care for your dog. 

I dont understand points, why have them?

Points are earned or bought through the PawSwap app. You can earn Points by watching a friends dog or checking in at an event. Use those Points to redeem Rewards, tickets to events, or pay back a friend for watching your dog.

What are PawSwap events and activities? Are they free?

PawSwap's mission is to plan, promote, and inspire events and activities that are more inclusive of our four-legged best friends. Monthly series have been created to help support this mission. Events such as Poses & Pups, Canine Coffee Crawl, I Dig You, and more! Events are a great way to meet new dog-owning or even just dog-loving friends. Events range from being free up to $30 depending on the event.

I already use my friends and family, why do I need this?

Asking the same Friends and Family to take care of your dog can not only feel like you’re being a burden, but you're always asking the same friends and family when you need a hand. PawSwap is a great way to increase your network. And hey, PawSwap encourages users to add their Friends and Family on the app as well! It can be used as a great way to pay back your friends with Points.

I saw PawSwap selling cute sweaters at an event, 

can I buy them online?

PawSwap apparel is currently only being sold at events, but stay tuned as we will be opening an Etsy shop soon! 

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