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PawSwap’s Dog-Approved Business Campaign is a way to say thank you to those local businesses that support our four-legged best friends by helping them instantly stand out to dog owners as a trusted dog-friendly location. We want to help make Vancouver a city where dogs aren’t just tolerated, but are welcomed. 

Check out some of the companies that are part of this campaign, and always go out of their way to make dogs and their owners feel welcomed.
Are you a dog-friendly business in Vancouver? Join us in making Vancouver more dog friendly.


How does PawSwap select Dog-Approved Businesses?

PawSwap will only give our stamp of approval to locations that go above and beyond to ensure dogs are not only tolerated, but are welcomed. We will only approve businesses that offer a truly dog-inclusive space for owners and their four-legged friends.

How can I tell if a business is one of PawSwap’s Dog-Approved Businesses?

Look out for the stickers! The same sticker you scanned has been distributed to the best dog-inclusive businesses across the city, so keep an eye out for these stickers when you’re out and about.

Who is behind this campaign?

We’re the same team that’s behind PawSwap app - an interactive map that shows all the dog-friendly locations and activities in your neighbourhood. But, first and foremost, we’re a group of dog owners and dog lovers who are passionate about making Vancouver more inclusive of our four-legged friends.

What is PawSwap?

Tired of ‘No Dogs Allowed’ signs, PawSwap’s mission is to plan, promote, and inspire dog-friendly activities, while raising awareness of businesses that are more inclusive of our four-legged best friends. Our app makes planning days out with your pups easier than ever by finding businesses and activities across the Lower Mainland that welcome our pups. Whether they’re allowed inside, on the patio or free to explore off-leash, PawSwap lets you know - and rewards you with Points for bringing your pup along to dog-friendly places.

Our team also runs OhMyDog!, a hyper-local focused online publication that is fast becoming the ultimate resource for Vancouver dog owners.
Find out more about PawSwap here.

What are you doing with the survey results?

In order to make Vancouver a more dog-friendly city, we need to get the opinions and experiences of as many dog owners as possible. This will not only help us plan future dog-friendly events and initiatives, but will also help us implement change on a bigger scale on the issues that truly matter to dog owners.

I love what you’re doing, how can I get involved?

As this campaign is well under way, we’ve got it covered (for now!), but if you'd like to get involved with future PawSwap activities, or learn more about our brand ambassador program please use our contact form here.