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MYLO is an advocate for the over 84.5 million dogs in North America. Become a preferred choice for dog owners and dogs like MYLO across Canada.


13 M

Canadian households own dogs, 7 M of them are in our current target market.


reported mental health improvements from pet ownership from a recent study. 95% see their dog as a part of their family.


of our members feel more inclined to shop at a business that identifies themselves as a location that welcomes dogs.


of our members feeling less rushed and spend more time shopping or dining when their dog is by their side and welcomed.


of our members say that not being able to bring their dog prevents them from going out (i.e. shopping, dining, local events, ect.)



Support our vision in creating a world where all dogs are welcomed, loved, and cared for.

Our goal is to reach 40,000 dog-friendly locations across Canada by 2023. By signing up as a MYLO's Choice Partner, your location is showing support in achieving this goal and in the overall vision. This will in effect be marketed to the dog-lover community, highlighting your location as a must-visit spot to support.


If your business loves dogs just as much as you love humans, this is the program for you to show it.

1. Become a must visit spot for dog owners and dog lovers

Let our community know why your location is a must visit spot for dog owners by adding a description to your business listing.

Stand out on the PawSwap map with a MYLO's Choice check-mark on your business beacon

The Featured Business label will be added to your business listing representing your support in the overall vision. 

2. Connect on a more personal level with our community

Opt in for location and industry specific Dogs Supporting Local Campaigns, such as Hoppy Hound and Isle of Dogs, which encourages dog owners to visit during campaign periods. 


Share, update, and edit business information in real-time with potential customers on the app.

Add your social media and direct links to your website.  

3. Get discovered more to drive traffic and increase revenue

Show up in more searches on the PawSwap App.


Promoted through social channels, and email campaigns to our network of over 30,000 local dog owners.

Add an in app Special Offer for members or dogs, received when visiting your location.

Receive emails to opt in for free or reduced rate  listicles Get featured through listicles on


Upcoming Campaigns

MYLO's Choice Partners 

Campaign dates may vary

Fees go directly towards direct advertising fees for promo and/or content writer

Kelowna Campaign - $65

Auntie M's Rehabilitation Foundation July 2022

Offer Double the Points during the campaign period to visit your location. Promo will be centred around donating Points  to feed a dog in need through Auntie M's Rehabilitation Foundation.


MYLO's Choice Partners Campaign - included

MYLO's Plan, August 2022

MYLO's choice is currently called Business Advantage. A campaign centred around who MYLO is,  why dog owners should visit and support MYLO's Choice Partners, as well as giveaways and influencer campaigns to help spread the word will all be a part of the official introduction to MYLO.


International Beer Week, Canada Wide Promotion - included

Hoppy Hound, August 4th 2022 - August 11th 2022

Dog owners will be encouraged to visit participating locations with their dogs, earn extra Points, receive special offers at participating locations, and enter to win prizes.

For Restaurants and Breweries

OMD News Listicle - $125 (reg rate $350)

Best dog-friendly places to shop with your dog this holiday season, November 2022

Best locations to shop one listicle for each province

For Stores


Dogs Supporting Local aims to encourage Canadians to shop local and visit dog-friendly areas, while recognizing and promoting local brick and mortar businesses such as breweries, restaurants, stores, and hotels.

3% of the Canadian population (that's 3 million) people added a dog to their family during the pandemic - dogs that aren't used to being left home alone.  With 89% of our members choosing to stay home versus visit a shop or restaurant if their dog is not welcome, the impact on our ability to encourage dog owners to leave their house and shop local is huge. Shopping local doesn't necessarily mean that the business needs to be Canadian owned, it just needs to be based in Canada, employing Canadians or purchasing and reselling Canadian made products or services. Supporting these local companies will re-circulate money back into the Canadian economy, providing more jobs for people in the industry, and reducing our carbon footprint. The impact from this small change in purchasing behaviour is huge. 

What does it mean to support local?