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We're on a mission to make the world more dog friendly and have launched this program to highlight and provide shine to locations that our community loves.

How It Works
More than 60% of survey respondents indicated that reviews from friends and family impacte
More than 60% of survey respondents indicated that reviews from friends and family impacte
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Dog owners want to support locations that allow dogs, here's your chance to turn them into loyal customers.

Step 2

Step 1

How It Works:

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You sign up to be a part of the companion program and decide on if you'd like to leave physical gift cards for pick up or be provided with names of the influencers assigned to your location. Virtual gift cards are also an option.

Dog owners that sign up to the Companion Program provide us with their top picks. We then assign influencers their locations based on their choice and number of followers, and provide you with the names and their allocated amount.

 $250 in gift cards to participate, ranging from $10 - $50 per influencer.


Step 3

Dog owners have 2 weeks to visit your location, and promote your business and the Kickstarter Campaign by making a reel or feed post. See examples here.

Note: Must be a reel or feed post. 

Step 4

New names will be added to the list up to a maximum of $250 until you will be asked if you would like to continue the program or cancel.

Have questions? Visit the FAQ at the bottom of the page for more information.

Fill Out The Form

Read to sign up? Complete the form below and begin to see your first few influencers within the first week.



Is it only dog owners that create the content?
The content creators are local dog owners with a mix of local dog owning and non-dog owning followers. 

What is a nano influencer?
Nano-influencers are your everyday social media users, with anywhere from 100 to 10,000 followers. They aren’t professional “influencers” in any way – and the majority of their posts feature typical content like photos of their family, friends, cat videos, and memes.

What is a micro influencer?
Micro influencers are defined as having between 10k-100k followers. Despite having a larger following than nano influencers, they still manage to maintain a similar “relatability” or “authenticity” factor. Which, in turn, means they still have high engagement rates.

Why choose nano and micro influencers for this campaign?
According to a survey by Social Media Today, traditional “influencers” aren’t actually the most influential people in a purchase decision. That spot is relegated to friends and family. More than 60% of survey respondents indicated that reviews from friends and family impacted their purchase decisions, compared to only 23% for celebrities and influencers. So, while nano-influencers may have relatively small followings, their audiences tend to be made up of the people most likely to be influenced – close friends and family.

How will you choose who visits my business?
Your location will appear on our online store. Companions will be provided the option to choose up to 2 locations for the first week to visit. They must visit these locations within the first 2 weeks. If they have a private account, they will be asked to submit their reel, post and/or story to both your business and ours.

What value will I need to provide?
You will be asked for a total of $250 in gift cards. Some influencers will be provided with $50, and others with $25. It will depend on their number of followers, and on which locations they “grab” gift cards from. 

How many influencers can I expect?
This will all depend on how many influencers grab a gift card to your location. As of right now, we have nearly 150 companions signed up. Our goal is to have each location receive a combined reach of at least 30,000. 

When does the campaign start?
The Companion Program will launch on Tuesday, October 18th. The Kickstarter Campaign will launch on October 25th. You will start seeing influencers visit your location within 1 week of signing up. 

What if an influencer doesn’t show up?
If an influencer does not show up, we will void the gift card provided by you, and create a new one for someone else and/or provide you with the name. We will also remove the Companion from the program and 2 no-shows. 

Have you done something like this before?
We started the program on October 18th 2022, and it's been a huge success so far. With exposure of over 500,000, influencers are ready to start visiting locations and creating content. While we have worked with influencers before, we have never worked with nano influencers, nor have we implemented a program quite like this. As this is a pilot, we’re relying on your feedback to let us know how it goes so we can improve on the system, and continue to implement the program across Canada as we expand. Thank you in advance for being a part of this!

Will I receive the content?

You can request any content you'd like from the Companion, yes!

How much does this cost?

Normal influencer programs cost upwards of $200 per post, plus the product. As this is a pilot, this program is free right now for businesses to sign up to. Businesses that sign up early will also receive early adopter pricing once we officially go live. 

Why dog owners?

Ourside of our teams love of dogs, we chose this market as dog owners are the most loyal, yet the most overlooked market. Dogs help improve mental health, bring smiles to people's faces and are sometimes more welcome than even their human counterparts (wink wink). Dog owners are 5x more likely to support locations that are dog friendly, have a higher disposable income, and are loyal customers that will choose locations that go out of their way to showcase how they love dogs. 

Content Examples

Example Posts From Our Companions:

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