Hello, Companions!

Thank you for signing up to be a part of the Companion Program.

Our goal for 2023 is to see 40,000 locations across Canada become dog friendly, helping dog owners and dogs experience more of life together.

This pilot program is to encourage others to become dog friendly by showcasing the support that the dog community has for locations that allow dogs. As it's a pilot program, you'll be the first to provide us with feedback on how the campaign goes. The launch of the companion program will lead into our Kickstarter Campaign beginning at the end of October! 


Please find below the next steps for helping us spread the word about local dog friendly locations. Please note that this program is only available for Instagram for the first round, but we will be rolling the program out to other platforms in the future.

Step 2

Step 1

How It Works:

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You have the option to choose up to 5 gift cards (ranging from $10-$50) from participating locations (1 for each location) to start. Select your first 3 gift cards by filling out the form here

If selected, we will send the gift cards and/or redemption instructions to your email address. You will need to visit at least 1 location during the next week in order to receive your next gift cards!

[Limited quantities of each gift card are available. Please choose 5. We will try our best to accommodate everyone's choices but please note that signing up does not guarantee that you will receive a gift card due to the limited quantities of gift cards.] 


Step 3

Share your instagram post showcasing your experience at the location with a call to action to support the Kickstarter Campaign - our goal is to convince 40,000 locations to become dog friendly by 2023!

Note: Must be a reel or feed post. If your account is private, please allow us to follow your account so that we can see your post.

Step 4

Tag us and the business you are visiting on Instagram @pawswapapp and use hashtag #MyloCompanion so we can see your posts! Start Step 1 again once complete!

Have questions? Visit the FAQ at the bottom of the page for more information.



1. What should my post caption contain?

Refer to the Example Posts section of this page for more information

2. Anything else I need to do?

Yes! Please leave a review for the location inside the PawSwap app to let other dog owners know about your experience there.

3. How long is this campaign going for?

This campaign will be running from October 25th to November 25th.

4. How many gift cards can I grab?

In total, you can grab up to 10 gift cards during the month total. Having said that, as we grow the campaign list of locations, this may increase as early as next week!

5. When do I need to visit the locations?

You will need to visit the locations within 1 week of grabbing your gift cards. The sooner you visit your first 3 locations, the sooner you can grab your next 3 locations! Having said that, this is a pilot program so if we take a bit longer to send you your gift cards, please bear with us.

6. What if I can't visit the location in 1 week?

If you cannot visit the location within 1 week, please let us know and we can see what we can do. 💜

7. Will other locations be added or is this it?

New locations will be added weekly, so the best thing to get your next round of gift cards is to visit your first 3 as soon as possible! 

8. What if I don't get my first 3 choices?

We will reach out to you with your assigned locations. If it is not possible to visit a location, please let us know so we can assign it to someone else. 

9. Will I receive new gift cards after I visit the first few locations?

Yes! Once the first few are finished and posted, you will get the opportunity to participate in the second round of gift cards.

10. What happens if I don’t visit the locations?

If you don't visit the locations, we will ask you kindly to return the gift card, or remove your name from the gift card list so that another dog lover can enjoy the location instead.

11. How will you know I have posted?
By tagging our account, @pawswapapp & using the hashtag #MyloCompanion, we will be able to see your posts.  You must have an open/public account so that we are able to see your posts.

12. What is a pilot program?

A pilot program is a new program that we are trying out to see if it works. Our goal in 2023 is to have 40,000 dog-friendly locations across Canada. By sharing on your Instagram, our goal is other dog owners and businesses will hear about the campaign. The more people that hear about this, the higher the likely locations will see the importance in becoming dog friendly. 

13. What's the catch?

Nothing! Having said that, we will send a survey at the end of the campaign to ask you for your opinion on what needs to be improved. If at any time you aren't happy with your experience, or it isn't what you expected, please let us know so we can improve on the program before fully launching it. 

14. What is the kickstarter campaign link to promote?

The link is, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/godoggo/godoggo-app

15. I've finished round 1, when can I expect to see round 2?

Thank you so much for visiting the first 3 locations! We're slowly making our way down the first list to assign companions their locations and are currently still on round 1. As we learn, we're making adjustments to the overall program and the messaging for the kickstarter Campaign. We'll be in touch once this is done and start to assign you your forth location. 

16. I haven't received 3 locations yet, when can I expect to see my locations?

We're slowly making our way down the first list to assign companions their locations and are currently still on round 1. If you haven't been assigned a location yet, hold tight! We're almost there! 

16. More questions? Email us!


Example Posts & Copy:

Below is an example of a caption that you can feel free to copy and paste into your Instagram post, edit it, put your own spin on it or write your own! Be sure to let everyone know about your experience at the location! Please remember to tag us, and tag the business you are visiting!​

"Today I'm visiting "Location name & Instagram handle of location" a dog-friendly location on the @pawswapapp. PawSwap, an app that shows dog-friendly locations such as breweries, coffee shops, restaurants, stores, and more has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to further develop the app, launch for Android, and add more dog-friendly locations for us dog owners that want to find dog-friendly locations. Rewards for backers have been contributed by companies that believe in their mission, to make the world more dog friendly. You can grab shoes from Vessi, collars or leashes from Woof Concepts and Wanderlust Creatures, and even dog-friendly trips! “ PawSwap's goal in 2023 is to have 40,000 dog-friendly locations on their new app, which will be available for both iOS and Android. Help Canada get there, click the link in our bio (or check out our story highlights)!"

- If you can't add a link in your bio, suggested ending sentence google "Kickstarter PawSwap" to make your pledge (or check out our story highlights for the link!"

Please make sure you include the following:

  1. Tag @pawswapapp as well as the business you are visiting

  2. Mention the Kickstarter campaign and how we're trying to make the world more dog friendly and reach our goal in 2023 of 40,000 dog-friendly locations

  3. Link to our Kickstarter campaign in your bio (if possible) and in your post as well

  4. Please use hashtag #MyloCompanion so we can find your post easily! 

Example Posts: