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Welcome to 12 Days of Dog

Welcome to the second Advent Calendar, made by PawSwap. Here you will find all the details on the products found in the 2020 Calendar and what to expect from the 2022 calendar.

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Sales are now closed for the 2022 12 Days of Dog Advent Calendar. Click the button below to join the waitlist for next year to be notified when the calendars are available for purchase.


Brands featured for the 2022 calendar

Sneak Peek

This years kit will feature less treats, and more toys and products! Each kit will be put together with care and love and is unique to your dog and your location. Not all of the brands below will be included in your kit, and some surprise brands will make an appearance in others!

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You will be asked for your dogs name for customized dog tags and/or Christmas ornaments, size, and to identify any allergies.

Total value of products in kit will be $180


What to expect:

As the sky darkens earlier and earlier, the wind becomes crisper, a glimmer of excitement for the holiday season approaches... We want you and your furry best friend to have something to look forward to, like a kid on Christmas morning! What better way to thank your pup for being the best snuggle partner this winter and holiday season than with 12 surprise gifts from a round up of PawSwap’s favourite local products/businesses! Snuggle up next to your fireplace with a hot cocoa for our 12 Days of Dog: Advent Calendars, but no sniffing until Christmas!

Kits will be available for pick up December 9th 2022 at 5 locations across the lower mainland. 

✔️ No two dogs are the same. Take the quiz to let us know more about your dog, helping us to create your unique 2022 Advent Calendar.

✔️ 12 products from 12 of PawSwap’s favourite local businesses to surprise and spoil your pup for the 12 Days of Christmas this Holiday Season (valued at $180, sold for $99 inclusive of tax via Kickstarter for backers exclusively for the first 50 calendars sold).

✔️ From local candles, plush toys, dog tags, and customized Christmas ornaments, each kit is filled with surprise gifts based on the results of your survey. The survey on this page below for you to fill out. Please be sure to input the same email address that is associated with your Kickstarter account.

✔️ Pick up from your chosen pick up location across the lower mainland any time between December 9th 2022 - December 13th 2022.

✔️ To further support these local businesses please share your pup unboxing their gifts and tag the companies and @pawswapapp !

Curious to see what companies were featured last year? Click here

Advent Calendar Quiz
Take the quiz to let us know more about you and your dog for your customized and unique 2022 calendar


The 2020 Advent Calendar included toys, treats, and swag from Santa Paws.

Check out last years Advent Calendars. Priced at $40, these calendars were just a glimpse of what to expect for this years calendar. Based on feedback, this years calendar will include upgraded toys, products, and items from your favourite local companies.

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We hope everyone has a fun and safe Holiday.

Sign up to get notified about next year! 


Thank you for joining us on this holiday adventure and helping us sell out of our first year of 12 Day of Dog: Advent Calendars!

Special thanks to these local pet stores
Last years pick up locations

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Pick up locations


1. Where do I pick up my Advent Calendar?

This years pick up locations will be located in:

1. Downtown Vancouver (Spoiled Paws Yaletown)

2. Burnaby

3. Langley (Paw Street Market)

4. Sunshine Coast

2. I’ve already made a pledge to the Kickstarter campaign. Can I switch my reward?
Yes! You can switch your reward and raise your pledge amount at any time if you choose to.3. I still want to keep my original reward.


3. Can I add on the advent calendar reward too?
Yes! Kickstarter does not allow you to choose more than 1 reward per account, so you just need to create a new account and pledge your new reward.

4. What can we expect from the kits?
Each kit will include a combination of products from our favourite brands of the year. We’ll ask you a number of questions once sales end to learn more about you and your dog and your preferences to create the pawfect calendar.


5. What kind of questions will you be asking?

Without giving away too much of the surprise, we’ll be asking if your dog has any allergies, your dogs name for their ornament and/or dog tag, how you like to spend your time (i.e adventuring out, at a dog-friendly brewery, reading a good book etc), the size and breed of your dog, and more. 

6. Why is the calendar priced at $99?

Each box is made customized, just for your pup! It includes $180 worth of full sized products, toys, accessories, etc. 

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