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You shouldn't have to leave your pup behind - and now with PawSwap, you won't have to.


Our story began with our co-founder, Aliya, and her dog Russell. 

If you're anything like her, then you understand the torturous daily routine of saying goodbye to your dog before leaving for work, then being faced with leaving them behind yet again when going for dinner, shopping with friends or running errands. Closing the door behind your best friend and seeing those puppy dog eyes is not only painfully hard, but it can lead to dogs developing anxiety, depression, and/or destructive behaviour. She knew there had to be a solution, and PawSwap was born.

PawSwap makes planning days out with your pups easier than ever by finding events, activities and businesses that welcome our four-legged friends. Whether they’re allowed inside, on the patio or free to explore off-leash, we’ll let you know - and we’ll reward you with Points for bringing your pup along to dog-friendly places!

How it Works.

It's easy to include your dog.

Find a dog-friendly business.

Check out all the dog-friendly businesses nearby, like restaurants and coffee shops, by locating the orange beacons on the map.

Check the doggy-friendly details.

Tap on the business to check out whether your dog can go inside, hang out on the patio, or even if the business offers a special treat for your dog.

Look out for Events & Activities.

See a green beacon? Those are special events and activities by PawSwap like Doggy Bootcamp, Sunday Strolls or Barks and Brews. Tap to learn more or buy tickets.

Earn Points by bringing your pup.

Collect Points at each dog-friendly business you visit, save them up and swap them for rewards for you and your furry best friend. The more points you collect, the bigger the rewards.


Points Low-Down

It pays to bring your pup - literally!

Earn Points by visiting dog-friendly businesses and swap them out for rewards that both you and your pup will love. 1 visit to a dog-friendly business earns 1 Point. See a starred business?

1 visit there earns 3 Points. The more points you save up, the bigger the rewards!

Don’t forget to Redeem your points before leaving the location. You can also earn more points by purchasing tickets to PawSwap events inside the app.






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