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Planning days with your pup just got a whole lot easier.

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The app to find all the dog-friendly places in your city.

Wouldn't it be nice to plan your day knowing your dog could join you? With PawSwap you can find all the dog-friendly locations in your area like restaurant patios, coffee shops, breweries, banks, parks and more!

With the help of the dog community, PawSwap finds out the doggy-details of each location so you know exactly what to expect when visiting with your pup. 


Close Up Features

No more feeling guilty leaving your pup at home. PawSwap makes it easy to plan your day with your pup by your side.

Dog-friendly Details

See if a business has a patio or safe tie-up spot beside your table, whether your dog is allowed to join you inside, if they can be off leash, and if they offer water bowls or a special treat!

Collect Points

Collect PawSwap Points inside the app when visiting dog-friendly locations, and get 3x the Points at Triple Point Businesses.

Dog Specific Reviews

Get opinions from real dog owners and see what they had to say about a location. Finally, the first reviews focussed entirely on the experiences of dog owners (and their dogs!).

Earn Rewards

Use your Points to redeem Rewards from dog-loving businesses that you and your dog will love. The more points you collect, the bigger the rewards.



Activities, challenges, and events specifically for dogs!

Looking for something fun to do with your dog? We partner with dog-loving businesses to bring you special events and activities that are more inclusive of our four-legged best friends.

Whether it’s promoting dog-friendly events happening near you, or planning our own limited-time dog-friendly challenges with a chance to win prizes, you’ll find them all on PawSwap.