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PawSwap is the first dog sitting app with a pay-it-forward model

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You love professional pet sitters (don’t worry, so do we). But, it’s difficult to afford professional pet care every day of the week. 

Get started with PawSwap and say goodbye to the guilt of leaving your dog at home, or the stress of finding and paying a sitter. By adding your existing Friends, Neighbours, and owners you’ve met at PawSwap Meet-Ups to your trusted Pack, you can create a network of pet sitters that your dog loves and people you trust.

Finally, a way to instantly get the help you need, when you need it.

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Rewarding (and free)

Your Pack is made up of friends, family, neighbours, and people you've met through PawSwap. Who better to trust than the people you choose to be in your Pack.

All of your trusted sitters are now in one place. With a quick, Universal Message, you can notify your entire Pack at once whenever you need a hand.

Use Points instead of money (or wine) to reward your Pack for watching your dog. You earn Points for helping out your Pack, meaning trusted pet sitting can be free!


Brittany and Maisie

Pawswap is a great way for Maisie to become aquatinted with other dogs and people. She can be very shy and it usually takes time for her to be comfortable around new people and dogs, so the meetups are perfect for introductions.

Natasha and Raisin

PawSwap helps Raisin to meet new dogs and puppies in our area and the app makes it super convenient to set up doggy playdates.

Grant and Olive

PawSwap is the most affordable option I've come across so far for pet sitting. I've met a lot of dog owners who I can trust watching Olive. I've also been able to lend a hand in watching other peoples dogs and earned points by doing so.



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